Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chugga Chug Chug

I have not updated this bitch in awhile.

Last night I went to a hardcore show with Marty. Ryan's band Her Love For Black and White was playing. And it just so happened that I had my trombone in my trunk. During the breakdown in their last song, they let me run out and play. It was fun. Then Jon grabbed it and tried to play. Good times.

Went home. Kate spent the night. Hooray for mom not being home this weekend! I really wanted to see Saw 2 yesterday, but Tyler couldn't and I was at the concert later. So, I am going today. I am really excited and I hope it doesn't suck.

Next weekend will be one of the greatest. Friday- Catch 22 and the Flatliners. Saturday- Rivercity Rebels? (Probably not). Sunday- Bomb the Music Industry!

So, I don't write in here often anymore. I'm thinking I might just close down this thing. It would be kind of sad because I have had it for 2+ years now. But the bots that comment on here are annoying and it's starting to get really old in general. And myspace has a blog function may be the end. Who knows.

Welp, in case I never update this again, just drop by my myspace (link on sidebar).


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