Sunday, September 04, 2005

So far

Here is a reivew of my classes so far.

1st Hour:

We alternate classes each day. It is part of Humanities. It is either Literature with Mrs. Hardy or Music Theory/History with the subsititue for Mrs. Herring. I forget her name. Literature is ok, kinda boring and tedious. Mrs. Hardy doesnt seem like a great teacher. She is nice and all, just...I dunno. Not that great. Same goes for the Music Class. I do love Humanities though. We do projects like writing our own melodies/songs, writing our own stories. We can go to concerts or do album reviews. Some things that I really enjoy. And since I already have a lot of Music Theory down, I am leagues ahead of a lot of my peers in the Music class. I enjoy the music class.

Projected Grade: Literature history= B- Music= A

2nd Hour:

Art History with Mr. Filiatro, The subject is once again tedious and dull. But Mr. Fili seems like a really cool teacher. He is funny at times, and easy to work with.

Projected Grade= B range

3rd Hour:

Lit Appreciation with Mr. Ciko. It's a joke. In lack of words. We sit and read a book for a whole hour, and write up a summary (one or two sentence) of what we read. And Mr. Ciko reads a short story to us that is the reading level of that of an elementary school student. Basically a blow off class. The only hard part is trying to stay awake and not do homework for other classes, because that is the only thing we can get marked down on. Mr. Ciko has an odd old school personality. He could act.

Projected Grade= A

4th Hour:

Broadcast Communications with Mr. Boone. What a great guy. He is really just hilarious. The first day of school one of the rules on the sylabus was no swearing. He then gave us a speech on swearing. The three categories: Religious, Anatomical, and something else I forget. And he didnt say like "f-word" he would say Fuck, and all the other words. But after the speech he said we would all lose points if we swore and if he did we would all gain points. A fair trade I suppose. He is a really funny guy. The class is for my speech credit. I hate doing stuff in front of the class, but I think this will be better than Debate or Speech.

Projected Grade= High B or A

5th Hour:

Wind Ensemble. Easy. Same teacher as music theory.

Projected Grade=A

6th Hour: Genetics

Mr. Meloche is one of the best teachers of all time. He is funny without trying to be, he is just really odd. This is a man who climbed a sculpture (maybe 100 ft or so tall) of a DNA spiraled ladder thing at Disney World and was escorted off the premises by security guards. His only reason was that it was "beautiful". This is a man who lived in the desert for a year studying a tortoise. He also was in a band when he was our age and was obsessed with the Misfits. I guess he met the lead singer (Sorry I never was a big Misfits fan) in a restaurant or something. He is such a good teacher. His classes are hard but he finds a way to get kids through them without boring them to death. I also like genetics. However, it is going to be a hard class.

Projected Grade= B

What a good schedule. I like most of my classes, and I think I may be able to slip buy this semester as an A and B student like I used to be able to do.


Blogger teacherdanielle said...

You may think that things are not up to your standards now but in ten years you will look back and say wow! I did a lot of stuff back in high school. I'm educated.
You should be proud of yourself! I am and I don't even know you. Thumbs up for you!!!!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

OH're following in my footsteps with Genetics with Captain Planet! I'm so proud of you. :D

That research paper that you have to do is a beast, though.

5:54 AM  

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