Friday, September 30, 2005


This morning my computer would not print my memo for Humanities. First the printer downstairs didn't work. Then it did, but we were out of ink. Then, I sent the memo to myself in an e-mail and tried to open it upstairs to print. That computer didn't recognize the program because one is Word and one is Word Perfect. I tried saving it as a word document downstairs then sending another e-mail. Still didnt work. So, I just re typed it upstairs.

I asked my mom to call me in late to school. She did and I guess they said that I needed a doctors note and they dont let kids in late anymore so it would still be unexcused. I didn't get the memo on that. *rimshot*

So, by the time I was was done, I was really late. So, I decided to just skip 2nd hour as well, because Humanities is a 2 hour block, so that will probably go down as unexcused too. I can just turn in my memo to Ms. Toews during 5th hour. I then went to McDonalds and got a Bacon Egg mcmuffin. And now I am at my dad's waiting 2nd hour out.

I haven't really updated in awhile, but I have some time to kill now. We have 3 very sweet shows coming up. A ska battle of the bands this weekend at the neutral zone. Then a show with the Know How at the Neutral zone in december. And finally a show with Bomb the Music Industry!, which I am not sure when it is.

Very exciting. Or as Mr. Fili is probably saying right now: "Very great stuff"


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