Sunday, September 18, 2005

Great Weekend

I had a very fun weekend. On friday, there was a PS practice, and then after I hung out with Marty, Kate, and some her friends. Needless to say, it was a very good time.

Marty spent the night. My mom made a full fledge breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, the works. Then after Marty left I went to Jades to prepare for the 2 Pseudo Strike shows.

Face the Music fest was a flop. The promoter told us last year there was "4000" people. We rolled up and there was less than 40. It was on a rickity stage outside in some park. We played ok, but the highlight was the sumo suits. They had set up a sumo ring and there were these huge sumo suits you could get into. It looked exactly like this:

I was suprised that showed up on google.

Anyways, I couldn't stop laughing when I fought Tyler. It was so hard to move in them and it was goofy. As soon as you fell you were like a turtle on its back, it takes like 10 minutes to get up. So, that was really the only good part about the concert. Oh yea, and the free food. That was a good thing too.

We drove from there to Ann Arbor. The Neutral Zone. I love the neutral zone and I love how big ska is in ann arbor. The place was packed. My cousin, Matt Wixson played first. Then we were up. As soon as F-bomb exploded everybody started moving. And it was like that the whole set, and not just a couple people, I mean everybody. It was my favorite concert so far. It was incredible. After we played, Kate and I walked down main street. I love Ann Arbor. I wish I could go to UofM not just because it is a good school, but because I want to be close to Ann Arbor. They have nice shops, a couple record stores, and good eating. There is practicaly no fast food besides Quiznos and Subway, which is nice because it's more humble that way. The Peaceable Kingdom is always a good place to go. They have Jack Russels there that I always like to visit. But they werent there this time. Kate and I split a plate of Beef and Brocoli at the Chinese place, and it was relaxing after a good show to sit down and have some good food.

We returned to catch the Skafia's set because it was their last show. I like some of their songs. Its too bad they are breaking up. We hadn't sold anything that point, and we were thinking about leaving before it was over. But I and some other people thought we should stay till the end because sometimes people wait till the end to buy there stuff.

After the Skafia were done people crowded to the merch tables. We sold quite a bit which was good for a change. We havent been selling much.

Hope fully we will be pressing the cds soon, we are trying to get the money together for that.

I got home around 1:30 AM, which sucked because I had work at 8, but it was worth it. Friday and Saturday made my weekend.

Work today was ok.

I forgot to post about Ska is Dead. The Planet Smashers were the best of the 3 touring bands, then the Toasters, then Mustard Plug. I got a Toasters cd which I have been enjoying very much.

School and work tomorrow, bummer.


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