Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Good News Is We Will Have A Beautiful Coastline!

What fun were the past two days. I love the cottage on lake Michigan. For those who are not knowing of the cool place I go on Labor Day Weekend: we go to a cottage that is in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. It is owned by Mrs. Randall and she is almost like an extra Grandma. My dad has been friends with her son Randy ever since they were my age. Thus, my dad and his family are considered extended family of the Randalls. Anyways, Mrs. Randall has a beautiful cottage right on Lake Michigan. Walk about 100 yards and you reach a staircase that leads down to their own private beach. As you can probably already tell the Randalls are a wealthy family. The great thing about it is they are the best kind of wealthy people. They aren't snobby and they are really down to earth and genuinely nice.

Anyways, the cottage is beautiful. Out on the rised deck is one of my favorite places to relax. Especially when the sunset occurs. Randy has been just about everywhere: Europe, Mexico, California (lives there, kinda. Lucky, they get to live in San Francisco in the winter and Grand Haven in the summer ) Anyways, he has been to many a places, and he still says Lake Michigan provides the best sunsets. And I really wouldnt doubt that.

The first day the waves were huge, and we body surfed/ boogey boarded for awhile. The cool things about Lake Michigan compared to the ocean, is that it isnt all salty and there arent sharks and other things that will eat you in the water.

The next day was pretty much the same. More swimming. and I made a sand castle . We had an excellent dinner, the adults always come up with some amazing homemade food to eat each night.

We had to leave after dinner, because I had to get up for work. I wish I could have stayed longer. I love that place.

That's about it.

Pseudo Strike is gonna have a new site soon. It looks cool.

Moving on, this Hurricane Katrina has really stirred me up. The president has been boasting about the fucking homeland security after 9/11. Where the hell was it? Where were the troops marching through the water to rescue the people? Where were the troops to hold down the looting? There was such a lack of preparedness (is that a word?), it was disgusting. Where was the fucking homeland security? Then he has the nerve to say "The good news will be the Gulf will have a beautiful coastline now." Go fuck yourself.

Everything is really starting to go to shit. The hurricane is going to cost billions of dollars to rebuild and repair. Gas will never stop going up until we run out. Insurgents in Iraq are killing US soldiers more each month (August has been the worst right?). Al Queda is in Iraq helping fight the US Army. Just about anybody who has a beef with the US can just go on down to Iraq and take a few shots at us. Skin cancer is on the rise...

It's been too late for awhile. Really the Earth is just screwed up beyond repair. It doesn't really keep me down though. There isn't much we can do now. Just enjoy our lives while they last.

I just finished "From A Buick 8" by Stephen King. It is a newer book by him, and I discovered it by accident. It was actually a really good read. It was hard to put down.

(Note: To all the Republican nutcases that are about to wreak havoc on the comments: I just performed gay sex in an abortion clinic with your daughter in the other room getting felt up by somebody in a minority... And God hates you almost as much as Jesus. )


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