Friday, August 19, 2005


I love things right now. Chuck and I hung out and talked at the Grecian about how different our lives would be if we werent in a band. I would seriously have no life. I have met so many cool people, and found some great new friends who I hang out regularly because of the band. Which is really neat cause some friends I used to have really arent there anymore. There would be: No shows, no practices, no parties. I probably wouldnt be going out every night to do things, I would probably be sitting on my ass. Not only has the experiences been great but I found I have changed personality-wise. I have a really good out look on life, and I am shitloads more self confident. My life would be so goddamn boring right now if I hadn't joined Pseudo Strike. Some people hate us, I really dont care. I dont care if everybody hated us. The experience, the new friends, and the other benefits have been enough. The fun music is just an added bonus to it. I'm having a blast, and I cant wait for what is in store for the future.


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