Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Suicide Machines Video Shoot

Tonight was one of the funnest nights ever.

So, my cousin Ben got invited to The Suicide Machines music video shoot, and his brother Matt asked if I wanted to go. So I said, hell yea.

Long story short, Ben couldnt go, me, matt, and his friend went. I felt bad though that Ben couldnt go, he deserves it a lot more than I do. He was the one who got me into the Suicide Machines in the first place.

We got there around 8:30, several other people were there, including the Suicide Machines. It was a unmarked warehouse on 8 Mile. It doesn't get much ghettoer.

Dan comes out and tells us we have to leave for an hour because the owner is coming and they dont want it to seem like a big thing. So, most of us went to Wendys which was 1 or 2 buildings down.

It turned into a little party in the parking lot. We played frisbee, played music, and other fun stuff.

We got back and soon the filming started. About 40 or so people were there. We crammed into a room in the warehouse that was very cooly decorated. It had lyrics from the song on it, and other graffiti. It was all red too. Anyways, it was a small room, probably 14 feet by 14 feet. The Suicide Machines were set up in the middle, and everybody crammed around them. When the music started, everybody was moving. It was basically a mosh pit with the Suicide Machines in the middle. What we would do is they would playback War Profiteering really loud and we would move and jump and sing too it, like an actual concert. They would play the song once, then we would do it again. After 2 or 3 takes the room was sweltering hot. 10 times hotter than the Streetlight Manifesto concert. We took a break after those 2 or 3 takes. And then did that again. I think we did that once or twice more. And that was pretty much it. I also got to look at and touch my dream guitar that Dan has: a Rikenbacher (sp?). At moments things seem unreal, maybe it was cause of the dehydration or the heat. But I just kept wondering if this was really happening after about 10 takes.

Afterwards, the Suicide Machines set up, and played a set for us. It was awesome. It was basically just one person at a time yelling what they wanted to hear and them playing it.

I wouldn't even say it was too much like a concert, it was more like a party. A party with the Suicide Machines. It was a lot more...uhm...intimate? Everybody would be joking around and the band would too. And during the breaks we'd just hang out and chat with the memebers about normal stuff. We talked with Dan for a little while. I talked to Jay in the past and never really had a chance to converse with Dan. He seems like a really cool guy.

After hearing War Profiteering for about 50 times, I think I'm all War Profiteeringed out. I just know I am going to wake up tonight in a cold sweat yelling "War Profiteering War Profiteering, War Profiteering is killing us all."

Well, after working for 8 and a half hours, and then dancing/singing/screaming/sweating from 10 till 1:30 AM, I am pretty pooped. Alvins show tomorrow, so I should get some rest. Very fun night. A big thanks to my cousin Matt for inviting me. And to Ben for getting into the video shoot in the first place.


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