Sunday, August 28, 2005

Suicide Machines @ Alvins

Just got home.

Tyler, Stephanie, Kate and I went around 5:30. Nobody was there yet, so we went to get food. We went to the restaurant down the street that we went to at the Know How show. It's called Circa 1890 or something. Got back, and didnt wait to long before people got to go in.

As soon as we got in we spotted a new suicide machines track jacket (Hoodie without a hood) and I have really been waiting for the Suicide Machines to make a new sweatshirt because everybody has the skankin guy one. So Tyler and I got that.

We saw a guy with a "Jack Kavorkian and the Suicide Machines" shirt and on the back it had a smiling world and it said "Green World". That guy must've gotten that a long time ago. Probably one of their first shirts.

I was surprised I didnt see anybody from Churchill there, even people I vaguely could recognize. They all went total hardcore I guess. It was packed nonetheless.

The first band I forget the name had two guys screaming and they were kinda metal/grindcore. But not that good. They kinda just annoyed me. But some of their stuff was just plain funny.

Bullets To Broadway were good, very energetic and there lead singer was intense. They had some catchy songs. I would look into more of their stuff in the future.

Lost City Angels were good as well. They had a lot of harmonic guitar stuff, and I just thought they were good overall.

The Suicide Machines. Right after Lost City Angels we moved up to the front. Somebody left the very front row, and I jumped in on it. I stayed there for the whole set, it was so much fun. Before they played I could see the set list on the ground, so it kinda spoiled some of it for me. Oh well. It was so much fun to be up close with the Suicide Machines. This was the first time I saw them at a place like Alvins with no security gaurds or barricades. Jay was up close the whole time interacting with the crowd. At one point he said something like "Fuck Livonia, move to the city", nobody mentioned Livonia or anything. He might have also said Westland and Redford which is where some of the members grew up in.

During "Hey", I was kinda going like "Ba ba ba" to the trombone parts, like singing them, and so was Jay. He held the mic up to me and he sang too, and with each "ba" I felt some of his spit shoot into my mouth. It was pretty intense. I can now say I swapped spit with Jay from the Suicide Machines. Haha.

They usually play one encore song but this time they played like 3 or 4.

I got a poster off the wall.

It was really hot, not as hot as Streetlight, but still really hot. Tyler and I wringed our shirts out outside. It was pretty gross.

Well, that's probably it til the Christmas show. What a fun way to end the summer. That was possibly the best concert this summer. This or Aquabats.

On the topic of summer ending, I would like to say this was my favorite summer ever. It has been a ton of fun. I have met and hung out with so many new people. Played lots of fun shows with Pseudo Strike. Recorded. Went out of state. Played Alvins. Aquabats. Suicide Machines. Streetlight. All the parties. Yea, this was a great summer. A big thank you to everybody I have shared it with.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Good night.


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