Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CD Review: War Profiteering Is Killing Us All

Phew havent done this in awhile.

So, I have listened to the Suicide Machines cd a couple times now, and after reading Trevor's review of it, I just felt there were some more things that needed to be said.

I used to review cds more often, but I kinda laid off because I get new ones often.

Anyways here goes:

We were listening to this on the way home from The Know How show, and Nevets said that the first song "was very misleading to the rest of the cd". And I couldn't agree more. After hearing a few songs a month or two ago, I thought this would just be like another Match And Some Gasoline. It is in certain ways. It is way more hardcore, but not only is it way more hardcore it also has a lot more ska in it.

Thoughts on Individual Songs:

War Profiteering- Ok, I've heard this song a billion times after being at the video shoot for it. It is very simplistic, one power chord for the chorus with Jay screaming the same phrase. Its a good song to get people moving to though. So this would ideally be probably a first song to start off a set. I wouldn't be suprised if they opened with that at Alvins or their X-mas show. But they also have been opening "Break the Glass" for a long time though, so who knows.

Capitalist Suicide- This was the first song available for the public to hear off the new cd. It is a pretty good song. The part where the lyrics go "woah total destruction, woah total collapse" reminds me of a song off A Match, I can't put my finger on it.

I had a kind of deja vu when listening to these first two songs. Fast punk song then a skaish type song after that. Kinda like A Match and some Gasoline. But continuing

Ghosts on Sunset Blvd.- Another decent song, during the bridge I like the egyptian type guitar and the spurts of offbeat guitar in the background.

Junk- I don't have much to say about this song at this time.

178 to 25- I like the ending to this song. Pretty cool

Capsule- They played this song for us at the video shoot for our little private concert they gave to us. When I heard it live, I couldn't wait to hear the cd version. It's about aliens, but I can forgive Jay for that because I love the music. He said at the concert for this song that he was "running out of ideas for lyrics". The Suicide Machines finally do a full-fledged hardcore breakdown and I love every second of it. They even put in the constant double bass. I really would love if Jay did a hardcore band, he has a very good scream. The little ska part in the middle has a cool guitar strumming pattern to it. Once again, the ending with the hardcore break down is insane. I wouldn't mind if the Suicide Machines put this in more of their songs.

All Systems Fail- When the lyrics ar going "All systems overload..." the guitar sounds really good. It adds dissonance to the song; I like it.

Red Flag- Another song that was available to hear before the release, I don't have much to say about this song either, it's pretty good, the bridge is pretty cool.

Nuclear Generators- The melodic ska part pops up out of nowhere in this song, and I liked how that was done.

Bottomed Out- When I first listened to this, the begining guitar by itself reminded me of Radio by Alkaline Trio, then right after when the drums and bass join in it reminded me of the Bouncing Souls. And not in a bad way at all. The chorus also has a neat little guitar line.

Rebellion is on the Clearance Rack- The drum and vocal only part in the middle is neat.

Hands Tied- A really really ska song. This could be considered a 2 tone ska song, I think.

I Went On Tour...- This is a really really really cool song. Very different for them. It has a reggae feel for the verse and hardcore for the chorus. The background effects scattered around it cool. I love the reggae parts. The bass is really cool, even the parts where it's computerized (it is in some parts, right? Sounds like it kinda). Around 2:30, it gets really cool with the percussion alternating between the speakers and the other background effects. This is really good song, I hope they play it live sometime.

Hidden Track- I like the begining of this song a lot, it's very fluid, and this song has a good message as well.

I think this cd is a step up from A Match And Some Gasoline, and I am looking forward to seeing more of these songs live. This is most likely going to be their last cd with Jay. I think Jay did very well with his vocals, he always does. He has a really good singing voice and an excellent scream. It is really hard imagining The Suicide Machines without Jay but from what I heard from him, it looks like we are gonna have to deal with that very soon.

In the end, this is a good cd, worth the money. Lots of political songs like the last cd, which isnt neccesarily a bad thing. If you are a long time fan of the Suicide Machines, you will find hints of their old stuff still coming to the surface, and if you just started getting into them, where the hell have you been? Kidding, if you are just getting into them, there is a lot of new stuff to get excited about.

Not to sound really cliche, but its not as good as Destruction by Defintion or other older material. I don't think they will ever go back to that kind of sound completely for a whole album. It is better than their last album though.

5 Recommended Songs:
I Went On Tour...
Hands Tied
Bottomed Out
(Hidden Track)

Hmmm... 3.5 out of 5 stars sounds about right...maybe 4, its close...


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