Monday, July 04, 2005


I'm waiting here for Chuck to come pick me up to go to his cottage today. It should be a blast like last time.

Mike Park show was excellent. He liked us, which was really cool. We got it all on video, which is going to turn out awesome. We had 3 seperate angles and we caught the audio really well. Stephanie and I got interviewed for Mike's DVD, that would be cool if we actually were on it. We made way more than I expected in donations. I really wish we counted it up. All I know is we gave $50 to Mike because that's how much we still owed, and the rest went to Plea For Peace, which I am sure was another 50 dollars or more. I also saw some familiar faces there which was nice.

Afterwards I went to Leland's and hung out with the Hot n' Sweatys which is always fun.

Then, yesterday, I went to Murray Lake because our family was having a party for my cousin who is going to be sent to Iraq. I didn't stay too long though, I wasn't feeling well.

I got a surprise, which was Kate coming home from Mexico today! We went to downtown plymouth and got some ice cream.

Hmmm...Chuck should be here any minute. Tonight is going to be really fun.

I'm still not sure how I'm getting to the Aquabats, my dad hasnt gotten back to me. Hopefully I will find a ride.

Oh! Time to go!


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