Friday, July 01, 2005

It's July!

Here comes an update.

I woke up today to my mom saying my dad wants to talk to me, and he was going to call my phone. I knew it was about me changing the day I went to get my badge for my potential new job to monday instead of thursday or friday. I also knew he would be screaming. After scrambling for my phone half asleep for about 10 minutes, I got to the screaming. Long story short, I'm going in tomorrow now. My mom managed to push back my hair cut appointment a little bit. I'm pretty scared. Not only does it have to be short, but it's with somebody I never got my hair cut by. Also, I have limited time to get it done, and I really want to go slow, a couple inches at a time. This is gonna suck...won't Kate be unpleasantly surpised when she gets home from vacation...

Alright. After that I went to Stephanies to meet with the band to soudn check for the Mike Park show. Thanks to the thunderstorm we cancelled that. So, we just hung around and watched Room Raiders for a couple hours. (Not only is most of it staged, but badly staged...ugh...the horrific one-liners...)

Then after doing some rigorous sitting-in-front-of-the-computer time, I went to my dad's to watch the Sopranos dvd he rented. This season is getting good.

I left around 11:15 PM and decided to stop by at Tom's house cause he was having people over to swim and it was kinda on the way. Took a quick dip in the pool, then left around midnight. I just got home. That was fun just hanging out and swimming. Even though it wasnt very long, it put me in a good mood.

Head on over to Our Mike Park show is advertised there, so our audience has probably doubled, thanks Boston! Not only is it mentioned, but it's in bold. And from what I heard, when text is in bold, it's pretty important. Also, you get to see a nice comic from my cousin Matt Wixson. It gave me chuckle because it reminded me of our first Internet Cafe show. The one where about 7 people were watching and 4 were from the other band. The third band didnt show, neither did the guy that booked us.

Anyways, today was pretty fun. Hopefully tomorrow will be eqaully fun:

-Get my badge for work (not that fun)
-possible Hot n' Sweaty practice?
-Probably go with Kenny and Ryan to Tastefest.

That's all I got to say. Night.


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