Monday, July 25, 2005


Well, Indiana was a blast. It was fun driving out there. Took about 3 and a half hours to get there.

People seemed to like our stuff. Not too much movement, but we got tons of compliments. A lot of people were there to see One For The Books. They probably came to Indiana before, because once they went on it went nuts. They are a really good band. The vocals reminded me of the Briggs, which isn't a bad thing at all. I liked it. I picked up their cd. Track number 4 I really enjoy. Very good band, and we hope to be playing some shows with them in Michigan soon.

Take Sides was good too, from what I saw. We had to leave early cause I had work in the morning.

Driving home was torture. I drank a cappucino and one of those starbucks frappicino drinks, and I still was very sleepy.

We got home around 2:30 AM and I had to get up at 8. It sucked but it was really worth it. It was a blast.

We are looking into a Indiana return possibly next month. More news on that later.

We also may be playing at Alvin's next month in a very big show for us. More info on that later as well.

I really like my new job. I push people in wheelchairs to where they need to go. I meet new people everyday, no two days are alike and time flies by. I have 8 and a half hour shifts and that seemed like less time to me when compared to a 4 hour shift of telemarketing. Tips are good. Today I made 20 something in tips alone. Not only is all that good, but I am getting a good work out. I definitly am walking over 3 miles each day. Not to mention pushing 2 people in wheelchairs while doing it (Its hard controlling 2 wheelchairs too!). All the procedures and steps seemed intimidating, but I think I am getting the hang of it. The only downer so far is that I have to miss Warped tour. But I'm not too bummed about that.

Well I should get some sleep. Work tomorrow!


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