Saturday, July 02, 2005

I Should Be Sleeping

I passed the test to get my badge for my job. I just got to wait for the lady to call to schedule a time to do training now. Then I have my job! It was quite an adventure today to get to the test taking place. First, I drove down to a place called U.S. Park. There I parked my car, and a shuttle picked me up and took me to the airport. Then, I walked in and around the ticket place and down a open hall. Then right down a narrow hallway to the elevators that go to the 3rd floor. Up there is where I took my test. Pretty basic. Just watched a video. Wow, they mentioned September 11th a lot in that video.

Afterwards, I went to Tastefest with Kenny and Ryan. We watched a band called Whirlwind Heat. It consisted of a drummer, bass player, and a moog player. Some of their songs I found interesting and I got into. Their lead guy was nuts, and was constantly dancing about.

Then we got "Oh My God" Burgers. These suckers would make PETA shit their pants. It's a hamburger that is like 5 inches thick. It was intense, and tasty. Then I had this awesome waffle thing. It was like a desert, they sweetened it somehow and put chocolate syrup on it. We also got some free frappicino samples from a Starbucks stand.

I got my haircut. I was really scared, but it actually turned out pretty good. I guess I look a lot different. You can come see me at the Mike Park show tomorrow. See you there!


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