Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hot Coffee

Here, read this

This really gets me: "Clinton asked the FTC to look into whether Grand Theft Auto's rating of "M" (Mature 17+) should be changed to the rare "AO" (Adult Only), which would threaten to crimp sales at large retail outlets."

I hope she isn't refering to the Playstation/Xbox versions of GTA too, because you wouldn't be able to even get this "hot coffee" modification onto those versions. Even if she wanted to put it on the PC version that wouldn't be right because that content isn't even in the game. It was a mod made by some perverted guy and distributed on the internet.

Mod teams, like the one Tyler is on. You know what...I bet he had something to do with it...hmm...

Oh yea, and I just loved the title of this article. There should have been a sub-heading: "Vice President told to turn his head and cough"

This was also some interesting reading.


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