Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Briggs Show

We opened. Our first time opening a show. Man, it sucks...

Not only that, but our audience was a bunch of hard ass street punx (OI! OI! OI! OI!). They all sat back at the tables glaring at us. By the end though, we had a couple people skankin' and some people moved up and some people showed up to show their support. We sold a couple shirts, not much besides that. JD gave us a $2 donation toward us making a cd, what a cool guy. You will see his name in the liner notes once it's made.

After us was a band called Alison's Hope. Wow. They picked the wrong show. I thought we didn't fit in well, but I don't play Taking Back Sunday style emo to punk kids. And no, the drummer wearing a Suicide Machines shirt is not gonna help. Apparently, some of the punks did there homework and knew they were emo. They brought in a stop sign and under the "stop" they wrote "emo" it said "stop emo". Clever, eh? It was funny I admit, but I don't think it was right. It's one thing to hate a band, but you don't have to attack the band while they play, it just isn't cool. At one point a kid was taking the sign and whacking the mic stand with it. Those crazy kids...

I think Defiled Youth was next. They were your typical street punk band. I didn't think they were too great.

45 cents. There coolness can be shown by there promotional skills. While I was inside, they put one of their stickers over my Downtown Brown sticker on my car. AWESOME! I love you guys so much more now that you did that! (Hint: 45 cents doesn't like Downtown Brown)

FS? We played with them before. I haven't really gotten into them.

The Dead Heroes. I liked some of their songs. I may look into purchasing something from them in the future, I just don't have that cash at the moment.

The Briggs. I enjoyed them a lot. There were some songs I thought were really good. They had good stage prescence too. They were a lot of fun.

I guess while Kate and I were at Wendy's a fight broke out. Some kids were kicked out. I wish I didn't miss that...

It was an ok show, certainly not our best, but still a decent show.

I'm really running low on money. I'm still waiting for my badge to come in for my work. Then I get training, then I finally get to start working!

Speaking of working, we are going to sell dvds of the Mike Park show! Should be around $10, if you are interested please e-mail We are only selling 25, and once we get 25 e-mails that will be it! So, hurry up!

Hokay, I'm done.


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