Friday, July 29, 2005

Bak bak bak

So, I encounter new situations everyday at my job. Here was my new one for today:

I was on the shuttle van/shuttle going to work from US Park. A guy who was also in the van got up and said something to the driver. She said something like "We are almost there, you are going to have to wait". So the guy sat back down. Then a few minutes later he was yelling about how he couldnt hold it anymore. So, he leaned towards the wall while still sitting. And I guess he just peed on the wall of the van. It was kinda awkward. Everybody on the van just kinda sat quietly wondering if what they thought was going on was actually going on. Once we got there the driver didnt realize what happened, and said the guy could go off at this stop here. The guy said it was "too late". I got off, and I assume the driver figured out what happened shortly after I left. That would suck to have to clean up that mess. I felt bad for the guy, he obviously had a urinary problem, you would think if he told the driver that she would stop immediatly and let him go...

Anyways, I'm very excited about Alvin's and also this Saturday we have a show as well which will be fun.

The Real McKenzies put up some videos on their site. I really hope they put some North American tourdates up soon...

Robot Chicken is a very entertaining show.

The Flatliners is a good band.

Milk was a bad choice...


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