Thursday, July 07, 2005


Now, what you all have been waiting for! How were the Aquabats?!

Well, let's start the story from the begining, shall we?

We (Kate and I) left around 6:30, got there around 7. And I remembered last time I waited in line for like an hour, only to get to the front and realize that was the line to buy tickets when we already had them. So, this time we just walked in.

I started passing flyers out to the Briggs show this friday. I saw at least two people wearing Briggs shirts, and a lot of people said they were already going. A few more got excited and said they would be going. So now I am thinking this show on Friday is going to be huge. I'm pumped.

The Phenomenauts were phenomenal (pun intended). Really, they put on a sweet live performance. The band consisted of a guitar player/lead singer, guitar player/back up, stand-up bass/back up, moog/keyboard player/back up, and drums/back up. They all were dressed up in spacy outfits. The guitar player/back up singer had a goofy robot hat on that had a spike on the top (this will come into play later). At one point the moog player whipped out what looked like a leaf blower, but it shot toilet paper off. It was truely amazing. There was also a huge blast of fog into the crowd. And then a man wearing an Aquabats jump suit came out holding an earth for a song about Earth. During the song, the big inflatable earth went into the crowd and people hit it around. The usual. Then, it was knocked back towards the stage. It went right to the guitarist with the spike on his head and he popped it and confetti burst out everywhere!! How did they think of that?! It was really cool. I liked the music too, it had a southern energetic punk rock twang to it with the spacy moog player added to it

The Epoxies were next. Let me just say right now, that lead singer that they have....she is damn fine. What a p-rock cutie. Anyways, they put on a good show too. They had a keyboardist as well and they sounded spacy as well. Kinda the theme of the show i guess. There music was pretty good, kinda catchy.

THE AQUABATS! They delivered big time. Since there were only 3 bands playing including them they played a super long set. I was afraid they would only play new stuff like the Rivercity Rebels. They played some old favorites though. For example: Super Rad, Pool Party, and Pizza Day. Pizza Day and Pool party made my night. There were more onstage antics then when they came last time. Last time I only remember the white buffalo appearing and them fighting him. They had 3 bad guys this time. First, was this jock guy, he was going to turn Detroit Rock City into Detroit Jock City! OH NO! The Aquabats defeated him and his henchmen mercilessly. Later came Mud Boy. But MC Bat Commander attacked him too soon. It turned out Mud Boy really liked the Aquabats and was just coming out to congratulate there set. MC Bat Commander said he had to quit the Aquabats for doing such a horrible thing. He soon came back though and asked for forgiveness on his "pre-emptive strike" on Mud Boy (hehe, there were quite a few jabs at Bush during the set). We all forgave him of course. Lastly, a cobra mancame out and bit MC Bat Commander. With the bat commander paralyzed, Jimmy the robot charms the cobra with his saxophone. To revive the Bat Commander, the audience sang along to a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". The commercials were the same as last time, but they still were funny.

I got some signatures from the Epoxies and the Phenomenauts. I got a new Aquabats shirt because i lost my old one. We found a Mustard Plug shirt on the ground. It's the same one that Tyler has. It's red and it has the mustard plug members as Simpson's characters. Unfortunatly, I don't wear a size small. So, if anybody wants a small red Mustard Plug shirt, I'll give you a discount.

I saw my cousin Matt Wixson there and also the 21 dead monkeys crew.

I am really excited about that Briggs show. Everybody come early cause we are opening! The Aquabats really inspired me to go nuts on stage. So, come to laugh at me or something. It'll be a blast.

What a night. Nite nite.


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What a vibrant post. Thanks, Andrew! Where did the ideas come from? Any thoughts on what societal impulses are at work in such southern colonies matters?

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