Saturday, June 04, 2005


Eh...haven't visited blogger in awhile.

Let's summarize.

The show on the 28th:
It was a fun show on Saturday, not a big one, but a fun one.

There was tailgating, friends, good people, and good music.

My cousin Matt Wixson was first, he played very well. Also, he played "A Better Place, A Better Time" by Streetlight Manifesto which was awesome.

I missed Rootbeer Chaser cause I knocked a contact out and in the process of putting it back in I locked my keys in the car.

We put on a good show I think. During "Skankin' in the Pit" we threw inflatable animals into the crowd. People formed a skanking circle around the animals and kicked them about. I never really seen anything like that before. It was pretty cool.

I tripped and almost fell off stage, and my slide fell off my trombone. It sucked at the moment, but I can laugh about it now.

Hot N' Sweatys rocked the house hands down.

Afterwards I went and hung out with the Hot n' Sweatys at Leland's house (their drummer). They are really cool guys. His parents were out of town, so we had a good ol' time and I ended up crashing their for the night.

Monday was a pool party at Tom's which was fun.

Tuesday I went out to eat at Senate Coney Island with Kate. Afterwards we went to the Handi-dip and got ice cream. This office next door this office was throwing away a lot of stuff. I took a bunch of spray paint this huge Magnum 44 Red permanant marker, and like 30 plastic lunch trays (which apparently are very good for sledding).

Wensday... I got 35 places to apply for jobs, if none of them work then I'm going to be really pissed. Then there was band practice.

Thursday, band concert for school, not too exciting.

Yesterday, the band gathered to talk about things and make our set list for the shows this weekend. Then we went to Tom's and had another pool party and played N64.

Today there are two shows we are playing! I don't even know how to get to the first one, so I should get on that. But right now I need to take a shower and head off to Dragon Academy of Martial Arts. What if I just left you hanging and didn't tell you why I'm going there? I think I will.

Hehe, Dollar Tree has a website. There is one on 5 mile and merriman and it's an amazing store.

The End


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