Friday, June 17, 2005

Shoooool's Out For Summer!

YES!- I'm bored already....

Henyways, I saw Batman Begins. It was very excellent. Go watch it.

I am going for a job interview today, and it looks like it would be perfect for my schedule. It's some sandwhich place my mom found. I would work 8 AM to 4 PM every weekday. I know that is pretty early, but I like how it wouldnt interfere with concerts or practices and such. I want a job like that. It leaves me time to have fun in the afternoon and night. It's a shitload of hours, but that means a ton of money which is also a plus.

I might go to a concert tonight. Possibly tomorrow too. More on that later.

July is going be awesome. At least the first week or two.

July 2nd= Mike Park
July 6th= Aquabats
July 8th= The Briggs

The Spree is next week...right? That's gonna be so fun! :) I love the spree. Elephant ears..mmmm...

Ok, I have to go eat now. Ta ta.


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