Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ruddell Ruckus and Rec Center

Well, the first show (Ruddell Ruckus) was really small. One person came for us. then there were like 5 other people there to watch. So, it wasn't that bitchin'. I really hope more people showed up later because it had to have cost Russell alot of money to set that show up. I also felt bad because Downtown Brown wanted us to stay and watch them, but we had to run to our other show.

Rec Center turned out to be a lot of fun. We got the people moving and pumped. We threw out 6 inflatable animals throughout our set, and other random pool things which the middle schoolers killed eachother for. We got a little mosh pit going for Target (I ran out and got it started). Then for Athletes foot a huge one formed and people were tripping over eachotehr and stuff which was nuts, probably the first time that's happened for us. And people skanked for us in every song.

We didn't win, this emo band won, bug surprise. They had barely any movement from the crowd either. In our "critiques", one said we could "dramarically increase our stage prescence by highlighting/spotlighting the female musicians". Uhm...ok...We treat everybody equally. In fact Stephanie was in front of Matt half the time, and during her solo Tyler was like "give it up for stephanie!" or something. For Jade, it's kinda hard to highlight her seeing that she is the drummer so she is in the back. It's not like she is asking for drum solos and stuff and we are saying "NO, you can't! Cause you're a GIRL".

Anyways, enough ranting. The show was still a ton of fun. Tyler and I almost got mauled when we went up to the front area after we played. People wanted random objects from us like my sunglasses (Tyler and I were asked for those like 100+ times during the night), my wallet, my bracelet, Tyler's necklace, Tyler's sunglasses, and Tyler's wallet.

In the end, I ended up giving out a movie ticket stub, and Tyler gave out a free pass for a slurpee that had already been used. Keep in mind all the while, there were other people in the background yelling for other things and people about every 5 seconds asking us for our sunglasses. Wow, so this is how Good Charlotte must feel like...

We ended up making $140 dollars. We plan on using our band funds for more shirts and then recording this summer. And a flash website if the guy that is making one for us, charges us. The flash website should be done in a month.

Afterwards, Pseudo Strike, Chuckie and Kenny from the Hot N' Sweatys (who were really cool and came out to see us), Kate and her friend Allyson and some Blam-o members all went to Stephanies for a pool party. Stephanie has a massive in ground pool, it gets to like 10 feet deep and theirs a diving board and stuff. We got pizza and other food, and it was a fun time.

I just woke up and I am pretty sore, but in a good way. I have like 3 projects to work on though. So, Im gonna get going on that.


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