Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Much Needed Update

Long story short. The job I had couldn't take me because they were suddenly in a business bind.

So, that was disappointing, because I liked the hours I worked.

I'm applying to an airport place that my dad knows, I can get one of two jobs for sure tomorrow. 1: Cleaning planes and 2: Moving people in wheel chairs to their gates (Tips included). The guy said I could make 30 or 40 a night in tips alone. The bad part is I would be working nights. And I really need certain nights off, because that's when I do things. Just look at next week:

July 2nd: Mike Park (Pseudo Strike)
July 4th: Chuck's cottage, hopefully
July 6th: Aquabats
July 8th: The Briggs (Pseudo Strike)

So, I'm afraid that would cause some problems.

But enough of that. This week I started practicing with the Hot n' Sweatys because their barry sax player Chad is leaving for a few months and I'm going to fill in so they can maintain a full sound. On Saturday we went to Chuck's cottage to play at a family party. The show was weird, we played in a garage and none of the horns were miced so it sounded kinda weird. But it was fun nonetheless. Afterwards, we went swimming and took turns riding the jetski. It was my first time riding one, so it was a lot of fun. Then, just the teenagers and yonger folk took the pontoon boat out in the middle of the lake and had our own fun. Most of the Hot n' Sweatys left throughout the night, but I think me and Kenny and Chuck ended up crashing around 5 am.

I got home around noon today. I was really tired and didn't feel good. So, I showered and had lunch and just took a long nap (1 til 8). Now I feel just about good as new. Which is good because I think there is another party tonight at my neighbor's house. That will be fun because my mom is out of town so I can come back whenever I want without having to sneak in. Fireworks are tonight as well.

Mike Park show this saturday! We have barely prepared at all yet!! I'm pretty worried. It should all turn out ok though. Our new shirts will be coming just in time too :

I'm gonna go have dinner now. Adios


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