Sunday, June 19, 2005

IV4K, Monkey Jacket, etc etc

Stephanie, Tyler, and I went to a sweet ska show. It was at the Neutral Zone, which I hadn't been to yet. But I loved it, it had a nice atmosphere,pretty good sound and a nice big stage. It was a really good setup.

Anyways, we had to go late, and we kinda got lost there. We missed Monkey Jacket :(. I really wanted to see them, and come show them support. We also missed 20 XD 6. I heard them before on the internet and they sounded good, so i was pretty disappointed that we missed them too. We came near the end of After School Specials set. From what I heard they were good.

Then, a band called Plunket played. They had a really original sound, and I wanted to buy some of their stuff at the end of the show, but they left. They are from Chicago, and we discussed about possibly going out and playing a show with them. We have had plans of venturing out of Michigan this summer, so that would be fun.

The Skafia was next. They were pretty damn good. They have some really catchy fun songs.

The Ninjas. Eh, never had a thing for them. We stayed outside.

I Voted For Kodos were really good, I bought some of their swag. I like the name of their cd: "Not Penis Cream"

It's funny, Pseudo Strike had like no shows after the Briggs, now we have several things going around from talking to the bands that played. I really would like to play at Neutral Ground. That has to be one of my favorite places. We also passed out a ton of Mike Park flyers and alot of people seemed interested.

Anybody remember how Pseudo Strike was supposed to have a professional recording a long ass time ago? The guy that recorded us kept telling us dates it would be done by and he'd send it. It would never happen. This went on for a couple months. Finally, he gave it to us, and it was crap. Ask anybody who has heard it. You might as well listen to the crappy demos we have up. This was not good at all. So, the guy said he would see what he could do, and we never heard from him again. So, moral of the story is: If you ever are considering recording somewhere and you come upon a certain Anthrax Records, don't do it.

Anyways, fun show tonight. Now I'm gonna get some food.


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