Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Practiced today. Not much happened there.

My mom returned home today, I could have used a few more days or weeks to myself though. Them's the ropes though.

I ended up napping today. It was pretty nice, I haven't lately because I'm pretty busy. This is probably one of my busiest summers, which is really good because I'm out having fun instead of wasting the summer away sitting around the house.

Tonight I went to a cafe in garden city with Steve, Chuck, and Kenny. It reminded me of Senate. We only stayed for like a half hour because I had to be home around 11:30. Lame. It was nice just hanging out and talking.

Tomorrow I go to get my badge for working in the airport. It gives me security clearance or something. I have to pass a test based on a movie, and I think I am getting screened for drugs and alcohol. Should take a couple hours. I'm gonna have to get my hair cut pretty short for this job. Oh well, I need money, gotta make some sacrifices. It sucks though that I wont be getting paid for my training next week. So I will be driving out to Romulus each day which will cost a shit load for gas. Once I start getting paid things should hopefully even out. I will make 5.60 per hour plus tips (not taxed). The tips go right in my pocket, and the receptionist said that with my tips I could easily be making 15 dollars an hour. Nice.

I really should get some sleep. Nite.

P.S. did anybody watch Bush's speech about Iraq? Pretty much the same as all the others: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, terrorism, freedom, 9/11, God bless you. Could you please think of more complex speeches? Everything was so simplistic and redundant. Oh wait, I am expecting way too much. Sorry I forgot. This is how it's always been.

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