Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cinderella Man

Today, I went out for that test only to realize I left my social security card at home. Gah! -_-' So, I drove out to Romulus for nothing. I have to go back some time next week now.

I went to see Cinderella Man with my mom (how cool am I?). I kinda wanted to see it ever since I saw previews. When it started it was really slow, and I had a feeling I was not going to like it. But by the end I really liked it. It really sucked me in. It had a really good cast, and each person fit their part very well.

Speaking of movies, I forgot to mention I saw Land of the Dead with Tyler and Stephanie (or did I mention that..? Eh..I'm too lazy to check). Anyways, that was back on the 24th. It was really good. Lots of gore. Which I do like. The story was good too. The only part I wasnt particularly fond of was the ending. But I guess I can't say anything cause that would spoil the movie. Let's see, I'm gonna give Tyler about one minute until he blasts me for saying I wasnt fond of the ending.

So, I have seen 3 really good movies so far this summer. The movie I'm looking forward to next is Fantastic Four. I'm afraid I will be disappointed though, because I hate the actor who plays the Human Torch. I just have a bad feeling about it too. Although...Jessica Alba is in it...

Alright, E-mail checking time.


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