Saturday, June 11, 2005

And when you wake up...

So, I went to the Streetlight Manifesto concert with Brandon, Kenny, Dan, Ryan and Chuckie.

I got a hoodie and buttons and stickers. The hoodie is quite awesome, and I will probably be wearing it even though its the summer. I could wear it in the movie theaters or something...watching R rated movies....cause im 17...

Boston from 21 Dead Monkeys have me two 21 Dead Monkeys buttons as a birthday present. Thanks, Boston!

45 Cents opened, they were ok. Some songs were funny. I guess they are playing the Briggs show which I didnt know. A lady was passing out flyers for the Briggs show. We weren't on the flyer tho . But I was passing out flyers for us anyways.

Anyways, after that was Whole Wheat Bread. They were pretty damn good. They really got people moving. If you don't know they are like 3 black guys that play punk/pop punk, and they pull it off really good.

It kinda sucked cause after the crowd started moving and stuff for Whole Wheat Bread, Gym Class Heroes came up. And everything died down. I found some things interesting in their set. But I'm not really into that genre, so they didnt appeal to me as a whole.

Streetligt Manifesto. WOW. I love how they do their set. They combine their songs together. In the middle of one song they will jump into another song. Then, certain parts will be repeated throughout the set. It's like the set itself is a song. They also got some Catch 22 covers in there. At one point when they stopped, some people in the crowd and I yelled from them to play Hey Ska by the Suicide Machines. I heard a recording of them covering it before, and they were in Detroit. So they pretty much had to play it. And of course it was awesome.

There was no air conditioning. It was so hot, but still worth it. After the show, Chuck could actually wring his shirt out. We were all drenched. And we all drank a ton of water, but never had to go to the bathroom cause it was all sweat out. Yea, really hot.

Afterwards, I got a poster for the show that night off the wall and got it signed by everybody in Streetlight except their drummer. (I will get you next time!) I also gave several members flyers. Not gonna get my hopes up though.

Jay from the Suicide Machines was there and he also signed it. He wrote "They covered Hey!" I reminded him who I was (Independents show) and about the Mike Park show. He asked for our website so he could get the address to it. So, that will be cool if he really goes to our website and goes to the Mike Park show. He also gave me a flyer for a show his new band is playing. I forget the name, I have the flyer somewhere. He said it's like Black Sabbath and other old metal. I was just kinda like "That's interesting..." Maybe he was joking... I might go and check it out though.

That's about it I think. Very good show.

Just went to the doctor's my throat is killing me and I got congestions. Blech.

I'm excited for the Flaming Tsumanis to come. It's in a couple months but still, I find their stuff amazing. As a matter a fact, I think I'm gonna blow some of my b-day money on their stuff.

That's all for now.


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