Saturday, May 14, 2005

Show Tonight!

Well, tonight is gonna be an awesome show. It turns out the Independents actually opened the Mustard Plug show last night. Then, Tyler said Mustard Plug plugged the show during their set: "If you guys arn't doing anything tomorrow night, and don't want to drive to Grand Rapids to see this show again, then take your asses down to The Token Lounge and see The Independents". More people! Shirts are in too! I have yet to see them (Tyler has them), but I am excited. We have the spot right before Downtown Brown, which is pretty damn good.

Also, the FDLS show was sweet last night. I talked to Eric (their godly guitarist) and asked when their DVD was gonna come out of the March 19th show. He said in august, which isn't too far off. I really want that, cause I was at that show and was up front the whole time.

oh yea, we joined up with Music For America. I think it is a really good idea.

Show Tonight!!!1!@
FDLS > you
MfA= Sweet


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