Saturday, May 14, 2005


Tonight was a night to remember. No, not cause we played...because of so many other things.

I saw Downtown Brown with the Aquabats last year, and frankly I hated them. But once I heard them again, I thought that were really good. All of them are excellent musicians. Drum solo was insane, bass solos were insane, everything. They just got the crowd going.

The Independents were awesome too. Their singer was great, and funny. They played "Insane" which was the only song I really knew by them. Then they played this slow song, so I grabbed Kate and slow danced with her. (When I got their one EP, it has Insane and that slow song on it, so score!). They had fun ska parts that we all skanked to and it was a good time. Then I saw this guy singing with the singer for some parts. And I recognized him. Man, my eyes must have been like dinner plates. I turned to Tyler and I was like "OH SHIT, see that guy singing along to the songs!? That's Jay from the Suicide Machines!"

We talked to him afterwards, he didnt come early enough to see us, but the fact he was at one of our shows was amazing. Then I heard really sad news...very sad news...I started joking to him about playing the X-mas show with them and he said something like "Yea, I think after the christmas show, I'm gonna call it a day...not for good, just for awhile". ='( How could there be Suicide Machines without Jay?! Who could replace Jay? He is like one of my idols...

Well, we gave him a sticker, and mentioned the Mike Park show, and he said he is gonna come out to that, so that will be fun. And he said he is gonna check out our site. Oh, and this guy that was talking to Jay was this older guy. But he did see us, and afterwards he was really complimenting us. So when we did come up to Jay, this guy started going on about how good we were, so that was cool. What if he signs the guestbook? That would be amazing.

So, tonight was amazing. Not as many people came out to see us, but I love the people that did. I really do, thanks so much. Shirts are selling steady, and so is our other merch. More people are digging us. Things are good right now.

P.S. Down the street from the Token Lounge this drugstore had Sour Green Apple Bubblicious gum. Way back in like first grade my dad would give me a piece of this gum (or sour cherry) whenever I did good during the day in school. Then they stopped making that kind of gum. I guess they made it again or something. It tasted just how I remembered it...mmmm...

P.P.S. I've fallen in love with Streetlight Manifesto.



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