Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Rivercity Rebels/The Queers

So, we (Stephanie, Tyler, Marty) got to Alvins, and we waited outside for awhile in the cold because Alvin's is cool like that to just wait until they feel like letting people in.

A local band called the Outsiders played firt, they were ok, nothing special though.

Then the Bones, they were from Sweden/Germany or something and they were a tad better. But it didn't impress me too much. Although the singer from the Black Halos came up and sang "I Wanna Be Sedated" with them which was fun.

Rivercity Rebels were next. Bopper, Brandon, and Rylan remained off stage while ther rest repeated the begining of "Hurt Like I Do". Finally Bopper, Brandon and Rylan pushed their way to thru the crowd, finished the song and went into "Cloudy Times" (One of my favs.) They played a really short set. And they played a country song, I had no idea what they were thinling. They really seem to hate their old stuff too. When everybody was shouting for "Hate", Bopper got mad and said they'd play it but he wasn't singing. So some random kid came up and sang it. RCR didn't look too happy playing it though, and afterwards Brandon said "Wow, that was our biggest response so far, I think I'm gonna have to go hang myself now" Then everybody was yelling for "No Good". So Bopper did his little bit in the begining "When I say no good, you say no good...No good! (no good!) No good! (No good!)...alright, this ones called "Her New Man"!" and they played that song instead. I like that song, but I really would've like to have heard No Good...I like RCR new stuff, but it seems like they are running away from their old material. If they end up dropping the horns though, and becoming just rock n roll band, that's it. I would seriously question if I liked them anymore. How could they be the RCR without Brandon? :(

Wow, that was long. Anyways, Black Halos were next. They had a unique vocalist. He sounded weird, but I liked their message and I liked their stage antics. By the end of the set the Vocalist was in nothing but a speedo. Hot.

The Queers headlined. They played a super long set. They had a nice banner behind them. And they had the most crowd reaction, and it was all a great time. They just kept going and going. Never pausing. Maybe for a second between songs, but most of the time they'd just go straight into the next one. So, they fit alot of songs in.

Afterwards we went to this humble coney place. Now there is the definition of fast food. We ordered our food, I swear we had the food in front of us in less than a minute. Not necassarily healthy, but it was good good good.

Oh yea, the lead singer from Walls of Jericho was there. She came up and sang a song with the Bones.

Well, that's all I have to say about that concert. Show tonight for Pseudo Strike at 4 Seasons Internet Cafe. Come on down!


Blogger Jessi said...

Frickin' A. Nobody's even heard of coney islands out here. I want a gyro like woah. >.<

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