Friday, April 15, 2005

Rivercity Rebels

So, River City Rebels lost Erik, which is understandable because they are changing their sound. Slowly the people will be filtered out that arent happy with the new sound. It has to happen.

From what I read tho from all the Myspaces and what not, it doesn't seem like they are going on hiatus (Way to worry me Tyler and Stephanie...). But here is a fact that does sadden me:

"So if you come to a show and you're yelling for old songs, you're yelling at something that truly doesnt exist anymore."

It's sad to see that era of Rivercity Rebel history go, but if you didn't see this coming, you haven't been paying very good attention.

I love their old stuff, I love alot of their new stuff (Cloudy times!!),I really didn't like that country song they played tho, that was just blech.

Erik is saying he will be getting into a new band, maybe he will start an old Rivercity Rebels-esque band. Wouldnt that be pleasant?

I'm curious for what's going to happen next for the Rivercity Rebels though, as far as their new material. Actually...Im kinda worried


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