Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm Givin' My Girl A Night Off

Let's see, this has been a purty interesting weekend so far.

Friday watched Mafia with Nick and Marty. Afterwards, I spent the night at Martys. It was a good time :P. I think the last thing I remember was Marty using my sleeping bag and we were reciting Fordirelifesake lyrics back and forth. Hehe

Saturday was band practice. Wrote a catchy new tune. Still waiting for bands to confirm the May 28th show! If you guys are reading this, please do it soon!!

Then the Pseudo gang along with Kandy and Kate went to a bonfire at Craig's house. It was fun just sitting around, talking and enjoying eachothers company. We managed to ruin every attempt to cook a potatoe over a fire. And when I finally got one done, I didn't even like it.

Hmm...that bonfire was fun, I think more of my friends should start doing that more often...

Well today, let's see...lunch...chores...yardwork...then maybe stuff later we will see...


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