Sunday, April 03, 2005

April Fool's Skafest

Let me sum it up really quick:

Hot N' Sweatys- good horns and <3 brandon

Monkey Jacket- "Hello, Solo" I love them

The Millionaire's Club- Pseudo Strike ran up on stage from backstage and skanked for their last song there. It was fun. And Greg has some damn good dreads.

Pseudo Strike (us)- People got really into it, had lots of fun.

All the bands enjoyed themselves, or so they told me. We plan on doing it again really soon. It was really nice befriending new bands :)

-Brandon in my car: "I'm in the Hot N' Sweatys...!"
-Michelle and Nevets: "SKAdaddle" <33
-Boston from 21 Dead Monkeys enjoyed herself
-The crowd during Athlete's Foot being cool and interacting during it :) ...well most of them at least
-We dedicated a song to Mitch Hedberg
-Everything else, I loved it.


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