Friday, March 25, 2005

Starting Again!

I was looking back on my old posts, and I was, quite frankly, digusted at some of my much older posts. My, how things have changed the past 2 years...

Things are much different now, and I would hate to misrepresent myself. So, I decided to delete all my posts (but I of course saved them on my computer for my own reference), and start over again.

Here is to a new begining!

That being said, I would like to post the past month just in this post because it has been a very good month, and I think it is a nice start:

Mark July 2nd On Your Calender Now!
So, this just in. Hearing it here first.

It has just been confirmed that Pseudo Stike will be playing with Mike Park. If you don't know who that is, he is in The Chinkees; used to be in Skankin' Pickle; and is the owner of ASIAN MAN RECORDS (releasing cds for such bands as: MU330, Alkaline Trio, The Toasters, Screeching Weasel, Big D and the Kids Table, The Lawrence Arms and many other top notch bands). This concert will be on July 2nd, and will be in Stephanie's backyard. Why is Mike Park playing in her backyard? It's part of his nationwide Living Room Tour! He is taking his solo career around the U.S. and playing in the homes of people who will welcome him.

It will be in Stephanie's backyard. We are planning on making it a barbeque, building a stage, and maybe getting a tent in case of rain. Everyone is invited. It is going to cost money though, but not much (mike the needs money so he can survive on this tour). That will be confirmed at a later date.

We are still unsure of the set time and price, but you better mark your calender now and make sure you don't leave on vacation when this happens!

SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2005
Fucking insane

Unearth, Everytime I Die, Throwdown, Poison the Well, From Autumn to Ashes, Norma Jean, Terror, and Fear Before the March of Flames all on the same bill?

It's almost like Hellfest going nationwide.

and GWAR?! HAHA, this is going to be a riot!

Speaking of Hellfest, the site finally looks like it's being reconstructed for Hellfest 2005.

This will be a great summer:
Sounds of the Underground
Warped Tour
The Suicide Machines touring for new cd most likely

Also, more exciting news. The Aquabats are announcing their new cd and the release date next week!:

SPEAKING OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!! NEWS FLASH!! THE NEW AQUABATS RECORD release date and track listing will be announced NEXT WEEK!!!!! That is next week, the week of March 22nd. The name of the new album, release date, track listing, and album cover will all be announced on this web site!!!! Stay tuned for more details and an exact date and time to read the announcement of the exact date and time the record will be available!! TOTALLY GNARLY!!!

Besides that, the Aquabats site has a massive news update concerning shows coming up and other Aquabats related things.

So of course, with the release of a new cd, a tour happens. So hopefully there will be news about that soon.

So many things are happening! This year is going to be so fun!
And If Only One More, Make It Last Forever.
WOW. What a day, yesterday...

The show at Mt. Brighton was a lot of fun. There was free food in the back for all the bands, that people made. There were shirts for Taytofest that listed all the bands playing, so we were on the back.

At first I thought it was going to be bad. There was barely anybody there when we first got there. And we were going to be the first actual band playing. People trickled in as we got waited and then we got our stuff set up to play and the crowd doubled. There was a lot more movement than at the token, there was skanking and moshing for every song. When we played our last song, "Skankin' in the pit", people really got nuts, and started coming up on stage skanking. In the middle of the song, I ran out into the pit and skanked with everybody. I came back, and then for the last chorus went into the pit and sang and skanked. It was a good time. :)

Then I drove home right after to go to the Fordirelifesake show. All I can say is...amazing.

It was at the Shelter, which is a good venue, but he first two bands werent that good. One was like an acoustic guitar and acoustic bass, I didnt like it that much. And the other was an instrumental band called "The Line".

Then Fordirelifesake.

I got up front for them, and I knew all their songs except for one. The crowd seriously went nuts and we screamed every word to the songs. During every breakdown, bodies literally flew. There were no security gaurds between the us and the stage. People were jumping/climbing on eachother to scream into the microphone. The last song they played was "Nothing Isn't Something For Everybody". At the end of this song the words "And if only one more, make it last forever" are repeatedly screamed until the music dies off, and its just the scream by itself. Once that part hit when he starts screaming that, it was utter chaos. Everyone pounced on the singer, and a dog pile, you could say, formed. I was one of the kids who had the mic or was right next to it on the ground, and marty was next to me, and there were a some other kids by it, and everybody else on top of us and everybody was just yelling that phrase. The music died off just like it should. And every fucking kid was screaming into that mic "And if only one more, make it last forever". It was beautiful. and we all picked the right place to stop it too, except for 1 or 2 people.

Marty-"Their guitarist is too good, I hate him."

Marty also said that Wedge the lead singer said, "Does this look like we've broken up?"

I don't remember that, but if he did maybe FDLS will come back again full force? or is that just a false hope? (I hope not)

To add to all of that Scrambled Visual was there recording all of it for a DVD. I want it so bad.

Bang! Bang! played after them. I thought that was weird that fordirelifesake wasn't headlining. Anyways, I saw Bang! Bang! with the suicide machines in december at Clutch Cargos. For some reason, I liked them a lot more when they played yesterday. I wanted to pick up a cd but they were all out.

Also, 3 of the 4 members of the Suicide Machines were there: Jay, Ryan and Dan. I saw Dan first, he was at the bar. I didn't realize Jay was there until he ran up and sang "1979" with Bang! Bang! and it looks like The Independents (who were are playing with in May), is playing with the Suicide Machines in Colorado next month.

Uhm...let's see, I saw Jason there from the Second Story too, I talked to him for a bit, and Ryan who I used to work with.

Then we went back to Marty's house, and started watching Identity, but i fell asleep halfway through.

Marty had to go to church, and I can't fall back asleep, so here I am.

It was an action-packed day yesterday. It was a ton of fun. :D

Hey everybody!
Yes - it's true - The Suicide Machines will be on the main stage at the Detroit WARPED TOUR 2005 show Sun, July 31st in Pontiac, MI. This will be the band's only appearance on the tour this time around. It hasn't been officially announced on the Warped Tour website as of yet - but, trust us, it's happening.

I was still undecided on whether I was going to warped tour this year, but that tipped the scales to a "yes".
SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2005
This is Cute
Well, I went with my mom to this italian place where her whole side of the family was celebrating my grandpa's birthday (we are italian...just to let you know). You order dishes for entire familes, there was so much food...

We started off with garlic bread covered in melted mozerella cheese. Then two different orders of salad...these were mountains of salad...Then came an authentic italian peperoni cheese pizza, thin dominos or pizza hut anyday. Then came the chicken parmesean, and the veal parmesean. And lastly a triple layer chocolate cake, hot fudge on it........oh god...I was so full...but it tasted so good, it was worth it.

My cousin Matt says if we get him a song of ours to him, they will play it on their school radio, which will mostly reach out to here now that they got some amazing funds. That's pretty cool. I guess I can also come out there and get interviewed on the air. hah, that would be so fun.

I finally made one of these too.

The new Before I Go cd is pretty hot, pick it up. The guitar part in the begining of "Forgetting to Forget" pumps me up.

ta ta for now

The Independents
We just got a show confirmed with the Independents. They are friends with the Queers. They also played several dates on the Ramones Farewell Tour. And they have played/toured with such bands as Reel Big Fish, Green Day, Rancid, Blink 182, The Misfits, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Pie Tasters.

There manager was actually Joey Ramone! They range a lot in sound, they have some ska, some punk, some metal. You can tell when you look at them they have heavy horror influences as well, like the Misfits.

They have an amazing record, and I am very excited to be playing with them. I am digging one of the songs posted on their site.


Taste of Chaos
Alright, this concert was pretty good. I usually don't like big concerts, but this one wasn't bad. Kate, Chelsey, Nick and I went.

We got there and got in line, and I saw a bunch of people I knew there. Liz was there with her boyfriend. We saw a ton of people breaking the unwritten law of not wearing a shirt of a band that is playing.

So, once we got in Before I Go was finishing up their set. After they finished I went over to their table and talked to Brad (lead singer) for a bit. We might play a show with them, who knows. I ended up getting their shirt and cd.

There was so much free stuff. Buttons, Stickers, Tatoos..and a lot of contests. There even was a cd distributer with a lot of different cds there.

A Static Lullaby was pretty good, I never really listened to them or got into them, but they did good.

Underoath had a lot of energy, but I don't really like them.

Killswitch Engage was better than I thought. They put on a good show. I am not exageratting, the drummer chucked one of his sticks (not like lobbed, like thrown really hard) like 20-30 feet at some guy off to the side of the stage. Then the guy caught it and threw it back to him.

Senses Fail was really good. Oddly enough, one of the guys setting up their set was wearing a "Rivercity Rebels" hoodie. Ha, it was funny. I would have to say they got the crowd moving the most. But My Chemical Romance and the Used got the biggest reaction...if that makes sense...

My Chemical Romance and The Used I don't really like, but they had good light effects. Better than anything I had ever seen. Cobo has some really good lights.

This kid smoking pot by us got caught. This guy with a "security x" shirt, just tackled him to the ground after a song. I thought it was a fight, but then I read his shirt, and saw the kid getting taken away.

There were these asshole security guys in gray suit coats trying to break up the pits, one kid punched one of them I think when they tried to take the kid down.

That is one thing I don't like about big concerts, security. Another thing I don't like is the balcony seating. Balcony seating is pointless...if you go to see a band, get on the floor and move.

eh...don't want this to be a rant, or make it seem like I didn't enjoy myself because I did. That will be my last "big" concert until hellfest. Except that doesn't count because there is no balcony seating, or security guards, or retarded people there because nobody really knows about it. So, last big concert till...warped I guess.

Return of Designed By You
Designed By You CD release at His Rock Cafe.

I can't go, but it looks like this is their big cd release, and with that they will be officially back playing, I guess.

So I have a link to them up there, and I also found a Queers link, t-shirt I want to get at the Rivercity Rebels concert:

Less than a month!

SUNDAY, MARCH 06, 2005
Could This NIght Get Any Better?
Well, the show went pretty damn good the way I see it. We got 35 people who came to see us so we got 35 dollars for that plus 20 more from sticker sales. We had the biggest crowd, and then after us everybody left.

We messed up a couple times, but its ok, it was our first show, whatever. Some people were skankin' and i think we got a tiny pit going to. But people loved us even though we werent getting too much action. During "Gotta Go" Tyler threw water into the crowd. Afterwards, a guy came up to him pissed about it, and Tyler thought he was gonna beat the crap out of him.

Somebody wrote "you guys suck" on the mailing list, and another Fred Durst looking character yelled "You suck" at the end of our set, but he did that to the other bands too. We did a cover of an Anti-Flag song "That's Youth", which features ska parts, we just added horns to it. Then some kid wearing an Anti-Flag shirt came up to a couple of us and said we dissed Anti-Flag by adding horns to it, and that they are a punk band not a ska band. Yea, even though the song they wrote is a ska song, we just added horns to it. Anyways, despite those lame people we got a ton of compliments and people saying they were behing us.

In between songs (Before "Give it a shot", my mom was trying to tell me something, and I kept saying "what?". Kate was closer so she told me. Apparently my parents bought me a new car, that was fast. I feel really guilty about it, btu every happy. It's a Buick Park Avenue, a luxury car...huge compared to the lumina, but feul efficient. It was alot of money, i dont even want to say how much. It is used, but they spent way too much. I feel really bad. But I'm very happy. I might get it tomorrow. It will be my baby, I'm going to take real good care of it.

So once Kate told me, I was stunned, and I was late for "Give It A Shot", heh. Oh well.

Anyways, I got home, and checked my e-mails and got more major news. It's very exciting, it may be the biggest thing happening to Pseudo Strike yet. It isn't confirmed, so I'm gonna have to hold you in suspense.

The show tonight was recorded. Nick did it for us, a special thank you to him for that. We also are gonna try and compile other videos of it to edit them together. It should be up on the site in a couple days maybe, or a week.

Tonight was awesome...I'm very happy.


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