Monday, March 28, 2005

Panic Rock

I just picked up the Letters Organize cd (Dead Rhythm Machine) at FYE, while we were at the mall. Wow, it is pretty damn good. The energy hardly stops, except for a weird slower ending on "Costume in the Corner". But the rest is all fast paced screaming rock. I really am enjoying this cd, I have a feeling I will be playing this one for awhile.

Here is what people are saying about this cd:

"If you could assign a sound to catharsis, this would be it. The Letters Organize creat some of the most exciting music the underground has heard in years."– Alternative Press

"Shit kicking, next level hardcore. Bleak, stark, frightening and required listening."
-- Kerrang!

"The bastard offspring of The Blood Brothers and Fugazi. Teetering on the brink of ruin, but instead sounding like the product of a twisted, inspired genius." - Big Cheese

“Uneasy listening at it’s best. Take this medicine, you need it!” - Rock Sound

Hmm...I think I'm gonna drop by the thrift store before it closes...


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