Sunday, March 27, 2005

Half The Battle Show

So, I took Michelle and Jeff to the Half the Battle show at Northville American Legion. It's been awhile since I have seen Half the Battle. Anyways, we met some of their friends up there and it was a good time.

The first band that played were like three 12 year olds playing. The kid hadn't hit puberty yet so he sounded like a girl. I give them props for trying, but it just wasn't working out with me for how young they were. Their drummer was wearing a 9miles2go shirt, heh.

The next band was Back to Plan B, they were pretty good.

Fist For A Fight was pretty damn good.

I didnt think much of In Ink.

A Fatal Denial was missing their singer, so it didnt sound good. We went to Quizno's at this time.

We came back for The Letters Organize. They were a touring band. I hadn't heard them, but they really impressed me, they reminded me of Bang! Bang!. I want to pick up their cd once I get some more money cause i guess it's at best buy. They were nuts. I'm looking at this description on their site, and I think it sounds best:

"The group does have some minimal hardcore and punk influences within their music although the majority is flat-out roaring rock. The very first track, "Dressed Up In Gatwick", kicks off the intense nature with heavy, gritty, and raw guitar riffs pushing things along. The vocals are a mix of screaming and shouting with the screaming adding to the overall intensity. The vocalist's scream has a rigged attitude that almost fits in too well to be true. The energy never lets down..."

They were really the only ones to get a mosh pit going, and they had some sweet lights going on. I wonder how much those cost? You can listen to one of their songs here. I have a feeling these guys will hit it big.

We didn't really watch Hit the Lights or the Weakend. We were either upstairs or outside or in my car.

Half the Battle was really good, and I picked up their cd, I really like how it's like a pop-up book :). The artwork is good too.

It was a good time. Well worth 7 bucks.


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